DORA training

  • RCM Level 1 (classical)
    • Understanding of the basics of Reliability-centred Maintenance
    • Use of RCM terminology
    • Online e-learning support available
    • Certification examination
    • Anyone with RCM Level 1 is able to participate in a RCM workgroup which is managed by a certified RCM facilitator (RCM Level 2) and work in the DORA module Quick Maintenance.
  • RCM Level 2
    • RCM Level 1┬ácertification needed
    • Master RCM training program for RCM facilitators
    • Managing multiple RCM workgroups
    • DORA Key-user training program
    • Anyone with a RCM Level 2 certification is able to manage multiple RCM workgroups, taking care of the data quality in DORA software, optimising operating efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • DORA Key-user training program
    • RCM Level 1 certification needed
    • Understanding of the 3 methodologies in DORA to develop maintenance concepts and maintenance plans.
    • The DORA key-user is able to answer most questions from users and is the contact person with the DORA Support department.

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