About us …

We are ERC (European Reliability Centre). Based in The Netherlands. Specialised in Reliability Management methodologies (RCM – ODM – QM) and the development of DORA software.

About DORA …

DORA is short for Dynamic Operational Reliability Analyser and is used by production sites to develop and optimise maintenance plans that are used in a CMMS.

Where is DORA used?

The software is operational from 2004 in big and small production environments. It is build by and for professionals of production and maintenance departments.

The software is highly appreciated in dynamic production processes which need dynamic maintenance plans that cover the ACTUAL failure behaviour of assets, systems, processes, instead of only assets.

In INFRA environments DORA is in use to develop, optimise and maintain maintenance plans for static buildings, highways and roads, bridges, sculptures, water ways like rivers and canals with or without locks,  …


You …

… decide if you want to build maintenance plans from scratch or you import existing plans and optimise them. DORA guides you through the process and you are able to make your new plans better then ever before.

Continuous improvement

If you want to continuously producing and maintaining better, then also use the build in incident manager. Do not type your new daily failure reports, but report each failure in a few clicks. Stay focussed and update important process information by reporting feedback when a failures is solved and make your own knowledge bank better. And though, develop and optimise maintenance plans and make them better.

No maintenance plan is ever finished! There is always room for doing things better in the chain of people, processes and procedures.

3 methodologies

DORA has three methodologies to meet your goals.

  1. Dynamic RCM (high critical processes)
  2. Object Driven Maintenance (medium critical processes)
  3. Quick Maintenance (low critical processes)

Analyse thorough for high critical processes. If you use RCM, Dynamic RCM, RCM2, RCM3, RCM Turbo, SRCM, FMEA or FMECA, MTA or …
Just upload your plans and find out. Because DORA is the next generation of building maintenance plans better, each day!

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