RCM certification

The European Reliability Centre is an official member of the International RCM Certification Committee (IRCC). The IRCC is responsible for theoretical and practical examinations of students for all RCM Levels. The RCM certification is based on the worldwide accepted RCM standards SAE JA1011 and SAE JA1012.

RCM Level 1: RCM workgroup member.

RCM Level 2: RCM facilitator. This level is able to manage multiple RCM workgroups and responsible for the quality of the RCM project deliverables during RCM implementation.

RCM Level 3: RCM tutor for Level 1 and Level 2 trainings. Coach for Level 2 facilitators during their RCM implementations.

RCM Level 4:  Member of the RCM examination committee in the IRCC.