New DORA price list July 1st, 2017

The former price list was a introduction price list and did help a lot introducing DORA 4. As planned the new price list will be introduced from July 1st, 2017.

Introduction period

The introduction period of DORA 4 was better than predicted. Many clients gained of the introduction prices. We planned to keep sales in the first year in Europe, but clients from all over the world started to use DORA. This was better than expected too. The amount of reported bugs was below expectations, which shows us the work our IT department did was very effective. The DORA community is growing so fast that new ideas pop up weekly. This helps us to stay focussed at what DORA users need.


All DORA customers use some kind of CMMS like:

  • SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle, Maximo, Infor, Hippo, Ultimo, Carl, McMain, Emaint, Simple, Ivara, Apipro, …

All DORA users have a need to maintain ALL factors that could influence process effectiveness. This is much wider than asset management.

DORA introduced the MPE (Maintenance Program Effectiveness) in May 2017. This MPE is the Key performance indicator that shows the quality of your maintenance program. Any MPE % lower than 95% shows the actual failure behaviour is not according to the FME(C)A’s that were used to make maintenance programs. Any MPE < 95% will result in unplanned unwanted downtime and cost, quality, reputation, …

Some were changing from  one to another. But ALL were convinced maintenance programs should be maintained better than in their CMMS. And DORA does the job.

DORA community

All key-users are part of the international DORA community. They all have the same level of knowledge, due to their certification (Certified level 1 or Level 2). They speak the same language, help each other together  “To Become Better Each day”.

New Options

In the new price list two DORA options are available.

  1. Single site.
  2. Multi site.

For each option, different data safety options are available.

All DORA installations will have the 3 methodologies including the continuous improvement module. This combination is the only one the industries are interested in, because the ROI is far below 1 year.

Interested to know more about DORA?

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