A new standard for developing maintenance plans


DORA facilitates Continuous Improvement of your assets and processes. Maintenance and Reliability professionals use DORA to create, develop and optimise new and existing maintenance programmes for production processes and assets. Periodically these updated maintenance programmes are updated back into your CMMS, which can be any CMMS. Because it is web based, information on DORA can be accessed by people throughout the organisation, so continuous Improvement can become a way of life. DORA uses three levels of methodology, which are fully scalable, depending on your budget and business needs:
  • QM – Quick Maintenance (to develop fast maintenance programmes for Low Criticality Processes and assets).
  • ODM – Object Driven Maintenance (utilising more data and analysis for Medium Criticality Processes and assets).
  • Dynamic RCM – Dynamic Reliability Centred Maintenance (conducting in-depth RCM to develop fully defendable programmes for High Criticality Processes and assets).
Maintenance should maintain functions of processes.  John Moubray said once: “Maintenance is all about managing the consequences of failure”. This is still very true. Old school maintenance is about working on assets. DORA focuses on processes as well as assets. Some think maintenance is about repairing, but our aim is to reduce or eliminate maintenance and waste as far as possible.
Aim for – Better Each Day

DORA 4 is available in 6 versions:

All versions are available as yearly subscriptions.
The QM single user version is available for € 1.800 / year.

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