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#Pushing Reliability

DORA optimises C.A.R.E. (Cost – Availability – Reliability – Effectiveness) and keeps pushing reliability.

News: Introduction new DORA versions December 1st, 2018

Traditionally maintenance plans were only connected to assets and not to the failure behaviour of the total production process including these assets. Maintenance and maintenance plans influence failure behaviour. Professional maintenance plans must cover the ACTUAL failure behaviour. This means when the failure behaviour is changing… the maintenance plan should change too. This what we call: Dynamic Maintenance Plans.

The best approach to develop maintenance concepts is Reliability-centred Maintenance. It produces the highest quality in maintenance concepts. But that is not needed on all systems. The best in Class manufacturers use different approaches. Work fast and less thorough for low critical systems and work detailed and thorough to get the highest quality for high critical systems. And use bits of both in the middle.

DORA offers 3 methodologies to develop maintenance concepts and nest these concepts into maintenance plans, which are used to update your maintenance program in the CMMS.

About DORA 4 software

  • web based
  • two factor authentication
  • secure lines
  • daily backups
  • 3 methodologies to develop and optimise maintenance concepts for high – medium – low critical processes
  • nesting maintenance concepts into maintenance plans
  • update your CMMS regularly with improved maintenance plans which cover the ACTUAL failure behaviour
  • connection with other systems
  • continuous improvement with 7 PDCA processes:
    • reporting failures and solutions to make the FME(C)A data better each day.
    • dynamic Pareto’s to find out which failure modes influence efficiency most.
    • connect PLC data to use OEE.
    • connect PLC data to the FMEA to be able to keep the failure behaviour descriptions actual.
    • use of MPE (Maintenance Program Effectiveness) key performance indicator. Maintenance and Reliability engineers use MPE to be able to keep analysis actual.
    • use of process mining tools to find potential failures that result in functional failures.
    • use of e-learning techniques to maintain production and technical knowledge of procedures and failure behaviour.

DORA software is a product of the European Reliability Centre (ERC) B.V.
DORA is a registered trademark.

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