DORA Software = #Pushing Reliability

Dynamic Operational Reliability Analyser (DORA) is software to develop maintenance plans for high – medium – low critical processes.

DORA is web based and works with all HTML5 browsers. A QM Single User package is already available from € 1.495 / year.

The following packages are available:

  • QM Single User
  • Advanced Single User (3 methodologies)
  • Multi User (3 methodologies)
  • Enterprise

About 3 methodologies:

  • RCM (Reliability-centred Maintenance for high critical systems)
    • Highest quality approach for RCM teams. Including continuous improvement, OEE, MPE, Dynamic Pareto’s and much more.
  • ODM (Object Driven Maintenance)
    • The traditional approach to develop maintenance plans.
  • QM (Quick Maintenance for low critical systems)
    • Very fast solution to develop new maintenance plans for any asset, system or process. 
    • Great for optimising existing maintenance plans from OEM suppliers.

DORA software is a product of the European Reliability Centre (ERC) B.V.
DORA is a registered trademark.

Contact us for more information.

European reliability Centre (ERC) B.V.
Vlietskade 1011

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