The new standard for maintenance plans


High-Medium-Low critical production processes need different ways to develop maintenance concepts and maintenance plans. For high critical processes a thorough methodology is needed, a low critical production process need a fast and less thorough solution. DORA is the knowledge bank to optimise availability and cost effectiveness.

DORA facilitates its users with all functionalities that is needed to build maintenance concepts from scratch. Or optimising existing maintenance concepts and -plans.

From 2003 onwards the European Reliability Centre continuously developed the DORA software. In september 2016 the latest version DORA 4.0 became available. 4.0 was developed together with 16 industrial reliability experts from INFRA and Production companies from different  industrial segments as: steel, food, chemical, navy, electrical power, hospitals, infra, maintenance consultants.

DORA 4 is available in 6 versions:

All versions are available as yearly subscriptions.
The QM single user version is available for € 1.800 / year.

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